Pricing Model

fee structure

We evaluate the cost of our services as a percentage of the net realized value received for your business assets. In other words, net realized value represents the cash received for your asset after shipping and online marketplace fees.

NO subscription or retention costs

Our service fee structure aligns our earnings with the maximum realized value of your business assets. We strictly get paid on results.

We charge our clients a set fee for our services, which is agreed upon at the beginning of our partnership. Outside of this fee, there is no other cost to partner with Boston Liquidation Services. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge consignment fees or annual fees, nor do we seize your assets if they do not sell in a certain amount of time. 

Getting started

We understand that your company may be pursuing a physical asset management resource for the first time and would be eager to discuss a customized service approach to increase your level of comfort with our partnership. We offer a "trial run" to all new clients, in which we will work with your team to determine a handful of items to sell. If after this period your company would like to continue the partnership, we will take a more comprehensive look into your assets.