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Comprehensive Physical Asset Management Strategy and Consulting Services 

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With actionable and intentional strategies designed for your business, we are confident in selling your excess assets, allowing your organization to function as efficiently as possible and reclaim committed capital. 

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physical asset management


This recurring or one-time service will focus on your surplus, unused and dated assets.

We will work with your team to determine which assets are no longer needed by your business and generate an estimated valuation of these items. Any assets that don't need to remain on-site will be transported to our Boston warehouse to be catalogued and listed.

Given our vast network and marketplace connections, our team is confident in selling items including, but not limited to, IT support equipment, lab and biotech equipment, machinery and specialty items. 

We currently work with clients in the following industries:
  • Biotech / Pharmaceuticals
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Profit
  • Professional Services (accounting, legal, consulting)
  • Retail (golf and other specialty items)

Our most popular service

Physical Asset Management

A division of our physical asset management services.

Our services are most effective for businesses in the following situations:
  • Annual asset disposition
  • Company bankruptcy
  • Large scale upgrades (IT upgrades)
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Moving office locations
  • Office closures
  • Total company closures

Acting as your liquidation consultant, we will work with your team to determine the most efficient and advantageous way to perform a large scale liquidation.

While these services are similar to our physical asset management services, we will perform additional analysis to ensure that your assets are sold as quickly as possible if time constraint is a factor. If your unique circumstances are not accommodating to this type of arrangement, we offer buyout options for the assets identified. 

Depending on the type of liquidation requested, we can also perform a more in-depth asset valuation for financial purposes. 

Liquidation Services

Achieve your sustainability initiatives

Confidence in running an efficient business

Allocate reclaimed capital for your business needs


We pride ourselves in being a trusted and integrated partner, always working to receive the most money back for our clients. 

Clients are repeatedly amazed at the amount we are able to generate and give back from selling their assets. 


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